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Radio Interview. FriendsInRome is Premio ProArte winner

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FriendsInRome is Premio ProArte winner!

RomaUNO channel: we are TV stars!

FriendsInRome is Premio ProArte winner!

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Expats: Social Networking in Rome - Facebook leads the way
Via Facebook, we contacted some of the creators of several online communities – designed to promote events in Rome or simply to share Rome-based interests – to find out what happens on international Facebook groups:

Natasha Valentina (FriendsInRome), “International group who meet weekly, with over 300 members. Recent events include a guided Caravaggio Tour, Thanksgiving dinner and a tiramisu party."

you start your Facebook group?

"It’s sometimes hard for tourists and expats to know the best places to go on a Friday night, or what activities to pursue during the weekend. Our events tend to be at cool locales that show off the best of our city and the parties we put on bring together the diversity in our group and create something of a cultural-fusion."

Any problems?

"Not all of our friends have or use Facebook, so our announcements do not reach everyone we would like. Also, its always hard to get a real sense of the personality of a group through only the paragraph or so on a group page."