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Registered 3/11/2019 6:15:34 PM

I am Recep Suluker, I am currently studying master degree Space and Astronautical Engineering at Sapienza Università di Roma, I have experiences about that and I've spent many years studying Math, physics, Geometry, Science... for them Tutor required @15-25 Euro. If It is possible that for you, We can do organization for that ... Also, When you come to Roma for visiting and you need someone for helping or something like that. I can be guided for you every time:D On the Other Hand, I am looking for a job in Roma at the same time. Part-Time or Full Time is better, especially in Engineering fields. you can always text/call me. WhatsApp 39 351 597 9339 Skype:rslker Instagram: @rsuluker I look forward to hearing from you.