from Philippines 35 - 44

Registered 3/15/2019 11:54:12 AM

Good day, I'm Rosalie, 41 years old of age. Living in Ostia Roma, I'm the newest member of this site , looking for a job. Speaking English well. I been in Dubai working almost 10 yrs and more. I work many different of job like private tutor for kid's. Assistant teacher, Nanny a d Housekeeping. I hope you can help me for a job as a partime. Thank you.

Looking for a partime job

Babysitters/waiters/housekeepers 3/15/2019 2:10:16 PM

Good day , I'm Rosalie 41of aged and English and. living in ostia Roma. I'm looking for a partime job. Like assistant teacher for the nursery, private tutor for kids, nanny and housekeeper. I been working before in Dubai. I can say I'm hard working, responsible, kind honest and friendly. Anytime you can contact me on my email : Rosalie...