A friend in Rome

tour guide

I am available for tailor-made private tours for you: If you just arrived in town and feel lost at every crossroad...
If you want to know something more about that charming "bunch of old stones"...
If you have friends or relatives visiting you and finally have time to enjoy the city with them… (or the opposite: you do not have time to take them around!)
...contact me and we can arrange together a special tour just for you!
Here you find some ideas from others friends who already took advantage of this opportunity and some of the most "classical" tour of Rome. You find also the link to the scheduled group tours we took already, which we can replicate for you whenever you prefer. And if you want to share this experience with new friends, you can fix a date and look for other interested people through our board.
CLASSICAL TOURS 1. The Must Sees Walking Tour: an orientation in the heart of the city including the Pantheon, Navona Square, the Trevi Fountain and much more, to find out how many hidden treasures we can find aside the most famous monuments (3 hours, 120 euro from 1 to 6 persons)
2. Archeo Rome: the symbol of Rome, the Colosseum, waits for us but not before having explored the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, recovering the history of Ancient Rome from the very beginning…(3 hours, 150 euro from 1 to 6 persons, not including entrance fees)
3. The Vatican tour: one of the greatest collections of art and sculpture all over the world! Our tour includes the Basilica and its treasures, St. Peter’s Square and of course the Vatican Museums’ amazing art collection. The itinerary will culminate in the Raphael Rooms, and of course the Sistine Chapel. ...(4 hours, 200 euro from 1 to 6 persons, not including entrance fees)

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