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2/13/2014 by Maurizio Guarini Italy

There is a place in Rome where there is a time machine. You give eight euros to a conductor, pass a gate and go back 20 centuries. Walk up the main street of a Roman town, resting your feet on large flat stones dug by the wheels of thousands of wagons. On the sides of the road there are arcades, where merchants exhibited their goods. You seem to hear the voices, calls, discussions, women with bags in hand and the kids swarming around. A little further on there are the spas, the public baths, a place of refreshment, but also to dating and maintaining relationships. Next there is a large amphitheater that can accommodate hundreds of people and it is so intact that missing only the actors, but if you sit on a terrace of stone and wait maybe they'll arrive. If you walk a little more you find a square covered in mosaics where the various corporations were discussing their business. On the left, thirty meters ahead, there are villas of the wealthy, with the walls perfect, fountains and floors covered with just a few inches of the ground. And all around there is silence, protected by the maritime pine trees that look like umbrellas, and only interrupted by the cries of seagulls and crows. And then in the distance you see a two-lane road with cars that run fast, and planes that go down to Fiumicino, and you understand that the journey is over and you're back in 2014. But now you know that every time you want to make another trip back in time you just have to come to Ostia Antica and pay a few euros.

Maurizio Guarini Italy

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