Vaccine for foreigner girls in Italy: Part II, Behaviour Life & Style

1/20/2012 by Margarita Millere Latvia

As famous saying says "When you are in Rome, do as Romans do". Well, that's true, but actually it is good to know what actually Romans do. In this article we will touch upon some common mistakes which can cause confusion for a female newcomer to Italy.
You are used to act in a certain way in your home country. But think twice and better ask your Italian friends/colleagues, whether the same rule applies to Italy as well, especially in communication with men. As you could have read in the article "Strategies", men in Italy are quite active and forthcoming, therefore you should be careful with your actions, as they might be interpreted in different way from yours. For example:
business cards give them only in business occasions. If you meet a man on a train or in some other public place and you give him a card, he could understand it as a sign of you wanting to date him.
mobile number you should treat your personal information, especially your mobile number, as something very precious and give it ONLY in the cases when you are 100% sure that you would really like to meet this person again. In general, mobile numbers in Italy, similarly to business cards, are often being treated as "yes" for a date.
check your look the more make-up you put, the shorter skirt you have, the more transparent and sexy clothes you wear, the more attention you will get from men, so if you lately had too much attention from the strongest part of the society, think about diminishing some of the above mentioned.
These are just some of the issues to be careful about. In general, use the common (i.e. Italian) sense and in cases when you are not sure, ask your Italian friends/colleagues.
Did you have some case of misinterpretation of a behavior while living in Italy? What was it? Share it with us in the comments! The best story will get a prize! :)

Margarita Millere Latvia

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