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3/11/2010 by Christian Miele United States

Think you're smart huh? Pretty well-rounded, watch a lot of History Channel? Like to chime in with obscure facts every now and then?"Did you know the plastic thing at the end of your shoelace is called an aglet?" You make me sick. If you really want to know how smart you are, just round up some friends and head to the Pub Quiz, either at Scholar's or Shamrock, Mondays at 8 and Thursdays at 6 respectively. Itís a great way to spend an international evening; youíll meet interesting English-speakers from all over the world, some first-timers, some regulars, but all there to have fun. If youíve just moved to Rome youíll be surprised (at least I was) to discover just how large the international community is Ė youíll forget youíre in Italy at the Pub Quiz. Make sure you reserve (don't be like me and just barge in) so Quizmaster Charley knows how many prizes to give out. Prizes are plentiful, handed out generously, and intoxicating in nature - whether alcoholic or chocolaty. You don't even have to be smart (even though I'm sure you are) to win prizes. Let's say, hypothetically - it's not like this is based on personal experience or anything - that you and your friends only got two correct answers out of 10, at that point, Charley may feel so bad for you, for the fact that a collection of human brains couldn't come up with more than 20% of what should be common knowledge (at least for everyone else), that he'll give you a pity prize like chocolate - hypothetically, a box Ferrero Rocher. Which couldn't have come at a better time of course: chocolate is the perfect complement to alcohol and humiliation - just try not to get distracted by the shiny wrapper. You can also get prizes for most creative team name and best dressed team, so make sure you and your friends donít look like bums. But winning the Pub Quiz isn't that hard if you're prepared. The 10 rounds cover topics like music, movies & tv, current events, history, science, geography and pop culture. All you have to do to win the Pub Quiz is know everything about all these things. It's easy, just get there knowing everything about everything and you'll do fine. "Who is currently leading the Spanish "La Liga" Soccer Championship?""In which country was Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, born?" "'Songs about Jane' is the 2005 debut album of what rock band?" "What is the capital of Tunisia?" (I know that one) "In how many countries is German the predominant language?" Did you get all those? Really? No cheating, alright? That's another Pub Quiz rule, no electronic devices! Please don't use your iPhone to look up answers, because cheating on a Pub Quiz, in the words of Quizmaster Charley, "is pathetic." If you got all those right off the bat then you'd probably do well at the Pub Quiz. Any given question may not be so difficult but it's the wide range and random topics that make it a real challenge, and a fun one at that, despite the (hypothetical) humiliation. If you want to win - or at least stand a chance - the best thing to do is assemble a diverse, multinational team with very different backgrounds and life experiences, because what's being measured is how much of this world you've soaked up. If you do well on the Pub Quiz, chances are you've done well at leading an interesting life so far. If you get pity prizes, then thank Quizmaster Charley for opening your eyes! Then go read a newspaper for God's sake.
INFO: Rome Pub Quiz: Mondays, 8pm Scholar's Lounge - Via del Plebiscito, 101/b (by the Gesù Church) Wednesdays, 6pm
Shamrock Irish Pub - Via Colosseo 1 (near Roman Forum) Each table is 15 euros, 5 people max, reservation required.

Christian Miele United States

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